EDUCATION - Studying Geophysics in Bremen

The working group MTU is one of four geophysically oriented working groups, which together support the geophysics eductaion in Bremen. Our colleagues are:

And the department receives strong support from our partner AWI (Alfred-Wegener Institut) 

in the field of geophysics

  • PD Dr. Karsten Gohl (Marine and Polar Geophysics, Airborne Geophysics, Refraction Seismology)
  • Prof. Dr. Vera Schlindwein (Seismology)
  • Dr. Graeme Eagles (Airborne Geophysics)
  • Dr. Wolfram Geissler (Marine Geophysics/Potential Field Data)

and glaciology

  • Prof. Dr. Angelika Humbert (Theoretical Glaciology)
  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Eisen (Glacier Geophysics/Radar)

Within each working groups more scientist provide significant teaching support. From MTU, much more supervision of exercises and thesis were needed as well as contirbution to lectures and lab courses. Following MTU members are or we contributors:

Dr. Tilmann Schwenk, Dr. Hanno Keil, Dr. Noemi Fekete, Dr. Stefan Wenau, Nikolas Römer-Stange, Dr. Fenna Bergmann, Dr. Lena Steinmann, Nora Schulze and many more.

The following modules in the bachelor program of FB5 are taught with geophysical context: 

  • BSc-1 Einführung in dei Geophysik I
  • BSc-2 Einführung in die Geophysik II
  • BSc-3 Geographische Informationssysteme
  • BSc-3 Methoden der geophysikalischen Exploration
  • BSc-3 Geodynamik
  • BSc-4 Geomagnetismus
  • BSc-4 Seismologie
  • BSc-4 Lang- und kurzfristige Entwicklung der Erdoberfläche
  • BSc-4 Marine Geophysik
  • BSc-5 Geophysikalische Geländeübung
  • BSc-5 Einführung in die Modellierung granularer Systeme
  • BSc-5 Einführung in die Finite Elemente Methode
  • BSc-5 Gesteinsphysik und Bohrlochmessungen
  • BSc-5 Magnetische Exploration
  • BSc-5 Seismische Exploration
  • BSc-6 Zeitreihenanalyse
  • BSc-6 Bearbeitung und Analyse geophysikalischer Daten
  • BSc-6 Magnetische Geländeübungen
  • BSc-6 Seismisches Datenprozessing
  • BSc-6 Geoelektrische Exploration

From 2021 onwards, we shift our education from the old BSc program, which is taught only in German language, into a mixed BSc program with both German and English lectures. All geophysics modules will be taught in English, but with a bilingual component, and therefore new lectures will replace the old ones between 2021 and 2023

These are the new BSc lectures in Geophysics:

  • BSc-3 Fundamentals of Applied Geophysics
  • BSc-3 Geophysical Field Exercise
  • BSc-4 Geodynamics and Plate Tectonic Processes
  • BSc-4 Marine Geophysics
  • BSc-5 Seismology
  • BSc-5 Geomagnetism
  • BSc-5 Material Properties and Downhole Measurements
  • BSc-5 Structural Imaging
  • BSc-6 Introduction into Granular Simulations Techniques - Simulation of Forearc Deformation Processes
  • BSc-6 Introduction to Finite Element Techniques - Deformation of the Lithosphere und Extension with Examples from Rifts and Ridges
  • BSc-6 Principles and Methods of Magnetic Exploration
  • BSc-6 Ground Magnetic Survey Exercise


    Teaching by MTU

    The working group MTU is contributing to almost 30 different lectures and courses in the Bachelor and Master Programs of the Department of Geosciences

    Our focus is on seismoacoustic data acquisition, processing and interpretation and sedimentary processes from meter to margin scale.

    Practical computer courses are given in seismic processing and interpretation and field acquisition as well as multibeam and side scan sonar processing.

    The following summarizes the status of teaching contributions by MTU for the upcoming winter term 2021/22. since we are in a transtion period to the new master and bachelor programs, the assignements will change with years.


    Master Courses with Geophysics

    MSc Marine Geosciences

    • MSc-1 Environmental Magnetism
    • MSc-1 Seismic and Acoustic Imaging of Sedimentary Structures
    • MSc-1 Sedimentary Structures and Processes at Passive Margins
    • MSc-1 Geophysical Survey Strategies and Planning
    • MSc-1 Gas Hydrates: Formation, Detection, Relevance
    • MSc-1 Environmental Archives Project
    • MSc-2 Geophysics of Plates, Mantle and Margins
    • MSc-2 Sedimentary Structures at Active Margins

    MSc Applied Geosciences

    MSc Digital Competences

    • Seismic Data Processing
    • Seismic Interpretation
    • GMT
    • Numerical Modeling Techniques (DEM, FEM)
    • Numerical Methods in Geosciences

    MSc Geophysical Field Course

    • Advanced Marine Geophysical Survey Project
    • Glacial Field Course
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