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MCS Cruise Overview (total 116 cruises since 1991)

Marine seismic and acoustic data are collected on research cruises using mostly research vessels. To be allowed to use them we usually have to apply for shiptime by writing a funding proposal to DFG or BMBF and providing a scientific program. While these plans are well thought through, there is still a high uncertainty in marine science, that geology is different than assumed, since our knowledge about the ocean is still very sparse. Therefore, during cruises, we very often adjust our plans to the geologic reality, and  interpret new and reinterpret old data, while we are cruising. This effort requires a lot of care, fast review of incoming data in a 24-hour schedule and scientific skills.  We view this part of a scientific cruise as very important and treat therefore the scientific data, which we are collecting, also as part of our intellectual property. 

We are happy to share the data with colleagues, whenever there is a need or a well-justified request. But we request to be part of the outcoming science due ot our intellectual involvement during the planning, but particularly during data collection.

Our data are hosted within the university by our working group, mirroring the data between our building and the Green-IT building, so that there is an extra safety factor against data loss. Much of the data were acquired, while we were also developing our acquisition approaches and technologies, so that these data usually need extra documentation and information for those who want to use our data! There has not been a standardized way of data collection, since for 3 decades we tried to improve data quality and really advanced a lot. Check our web site for the technology devleopment projects we carried out, and which lead to internationally competitive data quality both in academic and commercial applications.

An important part of our work is to also introduce students to marine geophysical work, in the 2nd year of the B.Sc. education as well as in our master programs. In total we had almost 400 students on our cruise since 2001. Here give an overview of the MTU supported student cruises including a brief descriptioin of the marine equipment which had been used for teaching.

Here we provide the complete list of multichannels seismic surveys, MTU  has carried out in more than 30 years and for which we are hosting the data.

In addition you can also find an overview of marine research equipment we have been using since then.

Beside limited download links within our web pages, many cruise reports can be e.g. downloaded from Pangaea data base here for R/V Sonnehere for R/V Meteorhere for R/V  Maria S. Merian and here for R/V Polarstern. For the mid size vessels you find the campaign list here for R/V Alkor, here for R/V Heincke and here for R/V Poseidon.