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Salt Tectonics

Salt provinces originate from shallow marine settings, where high evaporation leads to brine formation and settling of salt crystals. Over geologic time periods thick salt units can develop, as it occured during the Zechstein in the North German Basin or in the late rifting phase in Gondwana before the formation of the South Atlantic, or in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our research on the SW African margin started with the pre-site survey for ODP Leg 175, when we discovered pockmarks in the Congo Fan. Subsequently, Meteor Cruise M47/3, M56 and M76/3b carried out further research in the salt province, which is one of the driving forces for shallow gas migration from depth, gas hydrate formation and fluid/gas seepage.

Since the breakup of the South Atlantic occured asymmetrically, the salt basin was split at 13°S, and the upper plate with the salt, which accumulated during the rifting phase,  remained at Africa to the North and at South America to the South.  Offshore Brazil, salt-related features were investigated during Meteor Cruise M49/3.

Studies in the Southern Gulf of Mexico were initiated by the interest of asphalt volcanism, which is likely the results of deep sediment burial in conjunction with salt diapirism.

Both the Congo margin and the Southern Gulf of Mexico are characterized by rafting of margin sediments, gliding on the salt layer downslope and leading to quite irregular patterns of accumulation due to local subsidence.

In the North Sea, salt activity is much less pronounced, but subtle effects of diapirism and sediment deformation can still be seen in high-resolution seismic data.

The North German Basin reaches far into the Baltic Sea, where salt domes have also been imaged by seismic surveys.

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