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2005 10 - FK Senckenberg Cruise SK05

Map of survey targets planned for Merian Cruise MSM01-1

18.10.-26.10.2005 : Wilhelmshaven - Wilhelmshaven

Chief Scientist:

Chief Seismic: Keil/Schwenk

MTU participants: 

Groups involved

  • AG Mörz
  • Senckenberg am Meer
  • MTU
  • ...


  • Arstech single hydrophone streamer (48 channels, 50 m)
  • mini GI Gun

Map of SK05 ship's track along the East Frisian Islands

Cruise SK05 results from a joint shiptime proposal by Reinhardt, Keil, Mörz, Boetius and Bartholomä for the first cruise with the new R/V  Maria S. Merian. Due to the delayed delivery of the vessel, the original schedule could not hold, and it was decided to shift the cruise to two other ships and two legs on R/V Heincke (He242) for deep seismic imaging by BGR and to FK Senckenberg for shallow seismic imaging. Also, on SK05 surface sampling, sidescan sonar and multibeam acoustic surveying was carried out.

SK05/He242 were the second cooperation of MTU with BGR on a mixed deep and shallow seismic imaging to support the GPDN project. 

The focus of the SK05 cruise was on the area offshore the East Frisian Island as well as the designated windfarm area Riffgatt, which was at that time developed by the company ENOVA.

The survey grid shown below outlines the Riffgatt windfarm area, which was investigated at a dense line spacing of xx meters. The firure to the right shows the depth grid of a dinstinct reflection, which marks the base of two valley structures, striking to NNW. The eastern valley reveals a depth of >30 meters, thus likely representing a subglacial tunnel valley.

The data example derives from the Riffgatt area.

                      Survey Grid at Riffgatt Area                                                            Grid of a distinct horizon marking the base of subglacial valleys