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1999 03 - R/V Meteor Cruise M44-3

12.03.-04.04.1999 : Aqaba (Jordan) - Safaga (Egypt) - Duba (Saudi Arabia) - Suez (Egypt) - Haifa (Israel), 

Working Area: Northern Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba

Chief Scientist: Dr. Pätzold

Chief Seismic: Dr. Hübscher

MTU Participants: Böke, Gutowski, Kästner, Salem

Cruise Report, Weekly Reports, Detail MapsMCS Lines

Groups in­vol­ved

  • Working Group Marine Geology, Department of Geosciences, Bremen University (GeoB AG Wefer)
  • Working Group Marine Technology/Environmental Research, Department of Geoscience, Bremen University (GeoB AG Spiess (MTU))
  • ...


  • GI Gun 2 x 0.4 L  (Generator-Injector; Sodera)
  • Watergun S-15 0.16 L (Sodera)
  • Syntron Streamer 300 m, 24 channels, 6.25 m groups or less, 12.5 m group spacing
  • Bison Spectra Recording System 48 channel, 20 kHz
  • Multibeam System Hydrosweep DS 15.5 kHz - Atlas Elektronik
  • Parasound Sediment Echosounder 18/4 kHz - Atlas Elektronik
  • ParaDigMA Digital Acquisition for Parasound

Acquisition Setup during Cruise M44-3


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