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Baltic Sea

GeoB Student Cruises

Geophysical training courses have been organized by FB5 since 1998. At first, they were part of the Diploma Geophysics studies (until 2006), and later they were intimately integrated in the Bachelor and Master Education as part of teaching modules and later as part of project modules as well as the marine field and lab practice. It was manadatory or highly recommended for students interested in geophysics, and to get a hands-on experience on instrumentation, which were taught theoretically in lectures before. 

Usually the data acquired became part of the subsequenct lectures such as 'Seismic Exploration'. >>> Here you can find more info.

Baltic Gas

BMBF-funded project, which was part of a European ERANET project with x other partners.

see Toth (2013), Toth et al. (2014a,b, 2016), Schneider von Deimling (2013)

Aarhus Bay

As a follow-up of the Baltic Gas project, we cooperated with University of Aarhus (Jörgensen, Fossing) on surveying an area, which had been extensively cored previously to learn about shallow gas distribution and its relationship to microbiology.

​see Flury et al. (2016), Ramos (2015)

IODP Exp 347

see also Trampe (2007)


see Pavlak (2021)

Glacial Deformation

see Ogunleye (2018)

Windfarm Soil Investigations

Seismic Oceanography

see Frielinghaus (

Seismic Inversion

see Bihler (2020)


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Master Theses

Morales, Natasha (2022) Local Distribution and Physical Properties of Upper Cretaceous to Holocene Deposits in the Southwester Baltic Sea: Insights from the Integration of 2D Multichannel Seismic, Borehole and Downhole Logging Data

Pavlak, Johanna (2021) Sediment echosounder study of the sedimentary setting in the Bornholm Basin to reconstruct its Holocene hydrodynamic setting

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Trampe, Anna (2007) Seismic Imaging Anholt Loch



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