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Lakes (12 Expeditions)

Since 2004, MTU has started to carry out geophysical surveys on lakes. Since often the water depth is very shallow a particular equipment is needed to record reflections at high angles. With the availability of a single-hydrophone streamer (Arstech, 50 meters, 48 channels) this could be achieved. But for deeper lakes, also the conventional equipment was suitable and used.

Traunsee, Austria (2004)

Landslides, Slope Instability

Lake Van, Turkey (2004)

Paleoclimate, Tectonics, Volcanism

Lake Ohrid, Mazedonia/Albania (2007, 2008)

Paleoclimate, Paleobiology

Lake Balaton, Hungary (2005, 2012)

Shallow Gas, Tectonics

Neusiedler See, Austria (2013)

Commercial Survey

Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyztan (2013, 2019)

Paleoclimate, Tectonics, Paleoseismology

Lake Nam Co, Tibet (2014, 2016)


Schweriner See, Germany (2023)

Glaciations and Paleoclimate

Rivers (2 Expeditions)

Rhone, France (2008)

Commercial Survey, Neotectonics

Brahmaputra-Jamuna-Ganges-Meghna, Bangladesh (2011)

Tectonics, Subsidence History, Glacial Dewatering, Sediment Budge

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