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Asia: South China Sea, SE Asia

South China Sea


SO221 (Hebbeln et al.)

SO177 (Suess et al.)


SO228 (Mohtadi et al.)


Palamenghi, Luisa, Keil H., Spiess V. (2015) Sequence stratigraphic framework of a mixed turbidite-contourite depositional system along the NW slope of the South China Sea. Geo-Marine Letters 35 (1), 69-75,

Master Theses

Wittauer, Christian (2016) Processing and interpretation of multi-channel seismic data to understand the tectonic and sedimentary development in the Davao Gulf Philippines

Yuanda, Teuku Reiza (2009) Acoustic Facies and Depositional Processes of the Mentawai Forearc Basin, Indonesia

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