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River Rhone, France

Hanno Keil, Volkhard Spiess

The survey on the River Rhone was our first survey of this kind. A conventional ship, normally used to transport goods, was used for the survey. This commercial survey for DMT company was targeting the shallow subsurface of a few hundred meters to image the fill of the Rhone valley and the possible history of tectonic activity in Pleistocene and recent times.

Cruise Facts

Duration:  10.05.08 - 13.05.08
Vessel: Delta
Participants: Spiess, Keil, Geersen, Rinkel
Funding:  DMT
Data sets:

  • MCS, Hires 50 m 48ch, mini GI/GI Gun
  • MCS, Teledyne 100 m, 16ch, mini GI/GI Gun



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