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Prof. Dr. Volkhard SPIESS - Selected Publications

Google Scholar: Citations 4027, h-index 36, i-Index 84

Web of Science: Citations 2191, h-index 26

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  • Tóth, Z., McCarron, S., Wheeler, A.J., Wenau, S., Davis, S., Lim, A. and Spiess, V. (2020), Geomorphological and seismostratigraphic evidence for multidirectional polyphase glaciation of the northern Celtic Sea. J. Quaternary Sci, 35: 465-478. doi:10.1002/jqs.3189.
  • J.L. Pickering, M.S. Diamond, S.L. Goodbred, C. Grall, J.M. Martin, L. Palamenghi, C. Paola, T. Schwenk, R.S. Sincavage, V. Spiess (2019) Impact of glacial-lake paleofloods on valley development since glacial termination II: A conundrum of hydrology and scale for the lowstand Brahmaputra-Jamuna paleovalley system. GSA Bulletin; 131 (1-2): 58–70. doi:
  • A. Roesner, G. Wiemer, S. Kreiter, S. Wenau, Ting-Wei Wu, F. Courboulex, V. Spiess,  A. Kopf (2019) Impact of seismicity on Nice slope stability—Ligurian Basin, SE France: a geotechnical revisit. Landslides 16, 23–35.
  • L. Steinmann, V. Spiess, M. Sacchi (2018) Post-collapse evolution of a coastal caldera system: Insights from a 3D multichannel seismic survey from the Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 349, 83-98.
  • C. Grall, M.S. Steckler, J.L. Pickering, S. Goodbred, R. Sincavage, C. Paola, S.H. Akhter, V. Spiess (2018) A base-level stratigraphic approach to determining Holocene subsidence of the Ganges–Meghna–Brahmaputra Delta plain. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 499, 23-36.
  • FLURY S., Roy H., Dale A.W., Fossing H., Toth Z., Spiess V., Jensen J.B., Jorgensen B.B (2016)   Controls on subsurface methane fluxes and shallow gas formation in Baltic Sea sediment (Aarhus Bay, Denmark). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 188, 297-309.
  • STEINMANN L., SPIESS V., SACCHI M. (2016) The Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): Formation and evolution in interplay with sea-level variations since the Campanian Ignimbrite eruption at 39 ka, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, in press, online since Sept. 8.
  • Toth Z., Spiess V., Keil H (2015) Frequency dependence in seismoacoustic imaging of shallow free gas due to gas bubble resonance. Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth. 120(12), 8056-8072.
  • FRANCE-LANORD C., SPIESS V., SCHWENK T., KLAUS A., ADHIKARI R.R., ADHIKARI S.K., BAHK J.-J., BAXTER A.T., CRUZ J.W., DAS S.K., DEKENS P., DULEBA W., FOX, L.R., GALY A., GALY V., GE J., GLEASON J.D., GYAWALI B.R., HUYGHE P., JIA G., LANTZSCH H., MANOJ M.C., MARTIN Y.M., MEYNADIER L., NAJMAN Y.M.R., NAKAJIMA, A., PONTON C., REILLY B.T., ROGERS K.G., SAVIAN J.F., SELKIN P.A., WEBER M.E., WILLIAMS T., YOSHIDA K. (2015) Neogene and late Paleogene record of Himalayan orogeny and climate: A transect across the Middle Bengal Fan. Integrated Ocean Drilling Program: Preliminary Reports. (354), 1-46.
  • VISNOVITZ, F., F. HORVÁTH, N. FEKETE, V. SPIESS, 2015, Strike‑slip tectonics in the Pannonian basin based on seismic surveys at Lake Balaton. Int J Earth Sci (Geol Rundsch), DOI 10.1007/s00531-015-1179-x.
  • Toth Z., Spiess V., Jensen J. (2014) Seismo-acoustic signatures of shallow free gas in the Bornholm Basin, Baltic Sea. Continental Shelf Research. 88, 228-239.
  • Toth Z., Spiess V., Mogollon J.M., Jensen J.B. (2014) Estimating the free gas content in Baltic Sea sediments using compressional wave velocity from marine seismic data. Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth. 119(12), 8577-8593.
  • FISCHER, D., J.M. MOGOLLÓN, M. STRASSER, T. PAPE, G. BOHRMANN, N. FEKETE, V. SPIESS, S. KASTEN (2013) Subduction zone earthquake as potential trigger of submarine hydrocarbon seepage:    Nature Geoscience; 6, 647–651; doi:10.1038/ngeo1886:
  • PREU, B., F.J. HERNANDEZ-MOLINA, R. VIOLANTE, A.R. PIOLA, C.M. PATERLINI, T. SCHWENK, I. VOGT, S. KRASTEL, V. SPIESS (2013) Morphosedimentary and hydrographic features of the northern Argentine margin: The interplay between erosive, depositional and gravitational processes and its conceptual implications. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 75, 157–174.
  • SCHNEIDER VON DEIMLING, J., W. WEINREBE, ZS. TOTH, H. FOSSING, R. ENDLER, G. REHDER, V. SPIESS (2013) A low frequency multibeam assessment: Spatial mapping of shallow gas by enhanced penetration and angular response anomaly. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 44, 217–222
  • PALAMENGHI, L., T. SCHWENK, V. SPIESS,  H.-R. KUDRASS (2011) Seismostratigraphic Analysis with Centennial to Decadal Time Resolution of the Sediment Sink in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Subaqueous Delta,. Continental Shelf Research, 712-730.
  • PREU, B., SPIESS, V., SCHWENK, T., SCHNEIDER, R., 2011. Evidence for current-controlled sedimentation along the southern Mozambique continental margin since Early Miocene times. Geo-Marine Letters 31 (5-6), 427-435
  • SCHWENK, T. V. SPIESS (2009) Architecture and Stratigraphy of the Bengal Fan as Response to Tectonic and Climate Revealed From High-Resolution Seismic Data, SEPM Special Publication, 92, External Controls on Deep-Water Depositional Systems, 107-131.
  • HÜBSCHER, C., V. SPIESS (2005) Forced regression system tracts on the Bengal Shelf. Mar. Geol., 219, 207-218.
  • FISHER, A. T., E. E. DAVIS, M. HUTNAK, V. SPIESS, L. ZÜHLSDORFF, A. CHERKAOUI, L. CHRISTIANSEN, K. EDWARDS, R. MACDONALD, H. VILLINGER, M. J. MOTTL, C. G. WHEAT & K. BECKER (2003) Hydrothermal recharge and discharge across 50 km guided by seamounts on a young ridge flank, Nature, 421, 618-621.
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