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2022 09 - R/V Alkor Cruise AL581

AL581 - 12.-26.09.2022 - Baltic Sea - Kiel-Sassnitz-Sassnitz-Kiel

this is our annual training cruise in marine geophysical work including seismic, acoustic, magnetic and water column studies.

A typical training course is split in 3 separate legs, each allowing a maximum of 7 students to participate. Leg 1 and 3 are normally reserved for Bachelor students, Leg 2 is longer and for master students only.

 This is the schedule for logstics and travel:

12.09: Equipment loading at Westpier, and setup of equipment on deck and in the labs with students

13.09: Departure, normally 8:00

18.09: Late morning arrival in Sassnitz harbour, exchange of student groups

19.09: Departure from Sassnitz, normally 8:00

22.09: Early morning arrival in Sassnitz, partially equipment unloaded, student exchange 

23.09: Departure from Sassnitz, typically 1t 8:00

26.09. Arrival in Kiel, unloading at Ostpier, typically 8:00.


Potential working areas are, depending on weather conditions, Kiel Bay, Mecklenburg Bay, Arkona Basin, Bornholm Basin


  • micro GI Gun 2 x 0.1 L (Generator-Injector; Sodera)
  • Sparker DuraSpark 800 
  • Compressor Sauer & Sohn
  • Teledyne Streamer 220 m 96 channels (single hydrophones)
  • MaMuCS 96 channel Recording System
  • MaMuCS 80 channel mobile Recording System
  • Multibeam System Reson 7125  - 400 kHz
  • Multibeam ELAC 50 kHz (onboard)
  • Side Scan Sonar System Imagenex CMax 2 with winch (300 m) - 100/325 kHz
  • Single Hydrophone and 8-channel MaMuCS System (up to 100 kHz)
  • Echosounder Kongsberg Simrad EK80 (onboard)
  • Sediment Echosounder Innomar SES-medium (onboard)
  • Magnetometer SeaSpy2
  • CTD (onboard)

Students: 14 + 3 PhD


Spiess, Schwenk, Frederichs (Leg 1+2), Merl, Mhmod, Leg 3: Keil, Römer-Stange, la Iglesia, Derkink

Leg 1: Gupta, Munoz, Correa, Enow, Vasudewa, Schätz

Leg 2: Ahrens, Bröring, Hellbrück, Nübel, Pfaffling, Stapmanns, Stockmann

Leg 3: Gutierrez, Wilckens

... more

Cruise ongoing ...


see our logbook for figures and more

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