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1991 11 - R/V Meteor Cruise M20-1

18.11.-22.12.1991 - Bremen - Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Working Area: Equatorial Atlantic

Chief Scientist: Dr. Gerold Wefer

Chief Seismic: Dr. Volkhard Spiess

Seismic Participants: Lutter, Pioch, Pototzki, Völker

Cruise Report:  PDF in ELib

Detail Maps, MCS Lines, 

Groups in­vol­ved

  • Working Group Marine Geophysics, Department of Geoscience, Bremen University (GeoB, AG Bleil)
  • ...


  • Airgun Prakla Seismios VLF 0.5 L and 0.33 L 
  • Sparker EG&G 8 kJ (AWI)
  • Mini Streamer Prakla SHRP, 100 m, 8 channels, 12.5 m groups (Uni Kiel)
  • AWI Recording System  EG&G ES-2420 (AWI), 4 kHz
  • Multibeam System Hydrosweep DS 15.5 kHz - Atlas Elektronik
  • Parasound Sediment Echosounder 18/4 kHz - Atlas Elektronik
  • ParaDigMA Digital Acquisition for Parasound

This was the first cruise of GeoB/FB5 with seismic equipment for a test, as part of SFB 261. Most profiles were acquirednear the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Both  a sparker (AWI) and small Prakla Airgun was used for profiling.