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Marine Equipment

With the establishment of the MTU working group in 1994, equipment for marine geophysical measurements was purchased by funding through university, DFG and BMBF. In the course of our research we also started to design and develop instrumentation to improve quality, resolution and performance.

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Streamer, Transducers

Depth Control

Birds / Cable Levellers

Seismic Sources

Airgun, Sparker, Boomer

Acquisition Units

ParaDigMA, Spectra/Jupiter, MaMuCS

Acoustic & Other Equipment


Positioning & Navigation

GPS Buoys, Tail Buoys, Motion Sensor

Strikethrough marks systems which had been abandoned in the meantime, as they reached their lifetime or performance limit.

1993 Seismic Source: GI Gun 0.4-1.7 L (Sodera, now Sercel) 

1993 Seismic Source: Watergun S-15 (Sodera, now Sercel)

1995 Acquisition Unit: Bison Spectra 48 channel seismograph

1995 Sensor: Syntron Streamer 600 meter 96 channel

1995 Depth Control: Syntron Syntrak Bird Controller and Birds

2000 Acquisition Unit: Bison Jupiter 48 channel seismograph

2000 Seismic Source: GI Gun 0.4-0.7 L (Sodera, now Sercel)

2001 Depth Control: IOn Bird Controller and Birds

2002 Seismic Source: GI Gun Extension 4.1 L

2003 Sensor: Arstech Single Hydrophone Streamer 50 meter 48 channel

2003 Seismic Source: Compressor Bauer Mariner 320

2003 Seismic Source: mini GI Gun 0.2-0.4 L

2006 Acquisition Unit: MaMuCS, custom design and software (Hanno Keil)

2006 Seismic Source: micro GI Gun extension 0.1 L

2011 Sensor: Teledyne Single Hydrophone Solid Streamer
           custom design 210 meter 96 channel

2018 Positioning: Motion Sensor

2018 Sensor: Patented Boulder Detection Frame System

2021 Sensor: Geometrics GeoEel 50 meter 24 channel

2021 Acquisition Unit: MaMuCS-II custom design and software (Hanno Keil)

2021 Seismic Source: Sparker DuraSpark

2021 Sensor: inApril OBN System 12x 0.25 ms 3000 m

2021 Side Scan Sonar: C-max

2021 Depth Control: IOn Advanced Depth Control and Birds


3D seismic acquisition offshore Costa Rica (M54-1) with a single 600 m streamer and 2 airguns.

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