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2021 10 - R/V Alkor Cruise AL566

AL566 - 2.-15.10.2021 - Baltic Sea: Kiel - Sassnitz (6./7.10.) - Sassnitz (11./12.10.) - Kiel

Working Area: Kiel Bay, Mecklenburg Bay, Arkona Basin, Pommeranian Bay

this is our annual training cruise in marine geophysical work including seismic, acoustic, magnetic and water column studies.

 This is the schedule for logstics and travel:

02.10: Equipment loading at Ostpier, then transit to Westpier, and setup of equipment on deck and in the labs with students

03.10: Departure, normally 8:00

06.10: Late morning arrival in Sassnitz harbour, exchange of student groups

07.10: Departure from Sassnitz, normally 8:00

11.10: Early morning arrival in Sassnitz, partially equipment unloaded, student exchange 

12.10: Departure from Sassnitz, typically 1t 8:00

15.10. Arrival in Kiel, unloading at Ostpier, typically 8:00.

Various geophysical equipment will be used during each leg, such as:

Magnetometer, Multichannel Seismic, Airgun, Sparker, Multibeam, Sidescan Sonar, CTD, Seismic Frame

Potential working areas are, depending on weather conditions, Kiel Bay, Mecklenburg Bay, Arkona Basin, Bornholm Basin


  • micro GI Gun 2 x 0.1 L (Generator-Injector; Sodera)
  • Sparker DuraSpark 400 (Fraunhofer IWES)
  • Compressor Sauer & Sohn
  • Teledyne Streamer 220 m 96 channels (single hydrophones)
  • MicroEel Streamer 50 m, 24 channels (single hydrophones)
  • MaMuCS 96 channel Recording System
  • MaMuCS 80 channel mobile Recording System
  • Multibeam System Reson 7125
  • Side Scan Sonar System Imagenex CMax 2 with winch (300 m)
  • Single Hydrophone and 8-channel MaMuCS System (up to 100 kHz)
  • Echosounder Kongsberg Simrad EK80 (onboard)
  • Sediment Echosounder Innomar SES-medium (onboard)
  • Magnetometer SeaSpy2
  • CTD (onboard)

Students: 13 + 2 PhD


Spiess, Schwenk, Frederichs (Leg 1+2), Römer-Stange, Mhmod

Leg 1: Gelhaus, Schmidt, Song, Wesch

Leg 2: Brehmer-Moltmann, Serje-Gutierrez, Valeeva, Ajibola, Pilot, Ahmadov

Leg 3: Albarbary, Brand, Kantner, Ahamdov, Valeeva, Ruf 

... more

Cruise finished in Kiel at 8:00, 15.10.21


see our logbook for figures and more

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