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Southern Africa: South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Walvis Ridge

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Publications Namibia, Walvis Ridge

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Publications Congo, Angola

Wenau, Stefan, Spiess V., Keil H., Fei T. (2018) Localization and characterization of a gas bubble stream at a Congo deep water seep site using a 3D gridding approach on single-beam echosounder data. Marine and Petroleum Geology 97, 612-623, (PDF)

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Master Theses Congo, Angola

Iliev, Milen (2014) Description, Localization and Dating of Depositional, Fluid-transport and Tectonic processes in the Northern Congo Basin using Multichannel Seismics

Domnina, Yana (2010) Seismoacoustic imaging of the mound-structures on northern Kwanza Basin, Angola marging, (seismic and bathymetry data sets, Meteor M76-3a cruise)

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Master Theses Namibia, South Africa

Prieto, Diana (2018) Sediment-Current interaction since the Middle Miocene on the Namibian Continental Margin

Dascevic, Tim (2018) Analysis of the architecture of Namibian upper slope margin with respect to sea level changes and bottom currents using multichannel seismics

Yang, Linfeng (2017) Current-controlled Sedimentation on the Namibian Margin

Ehmen, Tobias (2016) Seismic investigation of thin dolomitic layers off the coast of SW-Africa and the assessment of Watergun data

Ngwana, Blaise (2015) Seismic and acoustic investigations of large seafloor depressions and their evolution on the continental slope off Namibia

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Völker, David (1993) Sedimentechnographische Kartierung des Kapbeckens

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