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Europe: Galicia, Gulf of Cadiz, Atlantic Arctic

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Publications Arctic

Rebesco, Michele, Özmaral A., Urgeles R., Accettella D., Lucchi RG., Rüther D., Winsborrow M., Llopart J., Caburlotto A., Lantzsch H., Hanebuth TJJ (2016) Evolution of a high-latitude sediment drift inside a glacially-carved trough based on high-resolution seismic stratigraphy (Kveithola, NW Barents Sea). Quaternary Science Reviews, 147, 178-193,

Publications Galicia

Petrovic, A., Lantzsch, H., Schwenk, T., Marquardt, J., Titschack, J., and Hanebuth, T. J. J. (2019) Post-LGM upward shift of the Mediterranean Outflow Water recorded in a contourite drift off NW Spain: Marine Geology, 407, 334-349, (PDF)

Haberkern, Julia (2017) Contouritic depositional systems influenced by complex seafloor topography. Late Cenozoic seismoacoustic reconstructions from the Galicia and Angola Continental Margins. Dissertation, xx. pp..

Hernandez-Molina, Javier., Wahlin A., Bruno M., Ercilla G., Llave E., Serra N., Roson G., Puig P., Rebesco M., Van Rooij D., Roque D., Gonzalez-Pola C., Sanchez F., Gomez M., Preu B., Schwenk T., Hanebuth, TJJ., Leal RFS., Garcia-Lafuente J., Brackenridge RE., Juan C., Stow DA.., Sanchez-Gonzalez, JM. (2016) Oceanographic processes and morphosedimentary products along the Iberian margins: A new multidisciplinary approach. Marine Geology, 378, 127-156,

Hanebuth, Till J. J., Zhang, W., Hofmann, A. L., Lowemark, L. A., Schwenk, T. (2015) Oceanic density fronts steering bottom-current induced sedimentation deduced from a 50 ka contourite-drift record and numerical modeling (off NW Spain). Quaternary Science Reviews, 112, 207-225,

Oberle, Franz K., Hanebuth TJJ., Baasch B., Schwenk T. (2014) Volumetric budget calculation of sediment and carbon storage and export for a late Holocene mid-shelf mudbelt system (NW Iberia). Continental Shelf Research, 76, 12-24,

Lantzsch, Hendrik, Hanebuth, TJ.., Bender V., Krastel S. (2009) Sedimentary architecture of a low-accumulation shelf since the Late Pleistocene (NW Iberia). Marine Geology, 259, 47-58,

Master Theses

Höhne, Mareike (2016) Formation history of sediment depocentres on the Western Gulf of Cádiz continental shelf

Petrovic, Alexander (2012) Late Pleistocene sediment dynamics in the southern Galician margin gully system

Lenhart, Antje (2012) The link between slope architecture and sediment transport processes offshore Galicia, NW-Spain-Revealed from high-resolution seismo-acoustics

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