Mediterranean: Liguria, Gulf of Naples, Crete

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Publications Gulf of Naples

Sacchi, Marco, Marco, Passaro S., Molisso F., Matano F., Steinmann L., Spiess V., Pepe F., Corradino M., Caccavale M., Tamburrino S., Esposito G., Vallefuoco M., Ventura G. (2020) The holocene marine record of unrest, volcanism, and hydrothermal activity of Campi Flegrei and Somma–Vesuvius. Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei, and Campanian Volcanism, 435-469,

Sacchi, Marco, De Natale G., Spiess V., Steinmann L., Acocella V., Corradino M., de Silva S., Fedele A., Geshi N., Kilburn C., Insinga D., Jurado MJ., Molisso F., Petrosino P., Passaro S., Pepe F., Porfido S., Scarpati C., Schmincke HU., Somma R., Sumita M., Tamburrino S., Troise C., Vallefuoco M., Ventura G. (2019) A roadmap for amphibious drilling at the Campi Flegrei caldera: Insights from a MagellanPlus workshop. Scientific Drilling 26, 29-46,

Steinmann, Lena, Spiess V., Sacchi M. (2018) Post-collapse evolution of a coastal caldera system: Insights from a 3D multichannel seismic survey from the Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 349, 83-98, (PDF)

Violante, Crescenzo, Sacchi, M.  Spiess, V.  Steinmann, L. (2017) Seafloor Response to Large Volcanic Activity and Geohazard Implications in Naples Bay, Southern Italy. Offshore Site Investigation Geotechnics 8th International Conference Proceeding, 11, 265-275,

Steinmann, Lena, Spiess V., Sacchi M. (2016) The Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): formation and evolution in interplay with sea-level variations since the Campanian Ignimbrite eruption at 39 ka. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 327, 361-374,

Steinmann, Lena (2016) Reconstruction of volcano-tectonic processes in interplay with sedimentary deposition in the Gulf of Naples (Italy) using a seismoacoustic dataset. Dissertation, xx. pp..

Publications Crete

Strozyk Frank, Strasser M., Krastel S., Meyer,M., Huhn K. (2010) Reconstruction of retreating mass wasting from progressive slope steepening of the northeastern Cretan margin, eastern Mediterranean. Marine Geology. 271, 44-54,

Strozyk, Frank, Huhn K., Strasser M., Krastel S., Kock I., Kopf A. (2009) New evidence for mass wasting at the NE Cretan slope: a multi-stage slide complex from the eastern Mediterranean. Marine Geology, 263, 97-107,

Kopf, Achim, Stegmann S., Krastel S., Förster A., Strasser M., Irving M. (2007) Marine deepwater free fall CPT measurements for landslide characterisation off Crete, Greece (Eastern Mediterranean Sea). Part 2: Initial data from the western Cretan Sea. In Lykousis, V., Sakellariou, D., Locat, J. (eds) Submarine mass movements and their consequences. Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, Springer, 199-208,

Publications Ligurian Margin

Roesner, Alexander, Wiemer G., Kreiter S., Wenau S., Wu TW., Courboulex F., Spiess V., Kopf A. (2018) Impact of seismicity on Nice slope stability—Ligurian Basin, SE France: a geotechnical revisit. Landslides 16 (1), 23-35,

Förster Annika, Spiess V., Kopf A., Dennilou, B. (2010) Mass Wasting Dynamics at the Deeper Slope of the Ligurian Margin (Southern France). in: SUBMARINE MASS MOVEMENTS AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES  Book Series: Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, 28, 67-77,

Master Theses

Singh, Rashpal (2019) Processing and Interpretation of 3D high-resolution multichannel seismic data from offshore Nice, Southern France

Wu, Ting-Wei (2016) Seismic Processing and Interpretation of the Nice Airport Slide, Ligurian Margin

Arraiz, Daniel (2013) Geologic Evolution of the Nice Slope, France. Ligurian Margin – Western Mediterranean Sea

Bessong, Manga (2017) Investigation of the Interplay between Tectonism, Volcanism and Mass Wasting on the Tyrrhenian Margin using a Multichannel Seismic Dataset

Metzen, Jan (2008) Volcanic Features & Sedimentary Interplay in Pozzuoli Bay and offshore Herculaneum, Italy, investigated with high-resolution marine seismics

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