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Lake Van, Turkey

Sebastian krastel

Lake Van is the fourth largest of all terminal lakes in the world (surface area of 3,522 km², maximum depth of 451 m). Previous scientific work has shown that annually laminated sediments exist in Lake Van, which made it a target for the European Lake Drilling Program in ICDP. In this framework a seismic pre-site survey at Lake Van was carried out from June 1st to June 15th 2004. In total we collected 50 profiles with a length of ~850 km by means of a high-resolution multichannel seismic system and a GeoChirp system. 

The deepest part of the lake, the Tatvan Basin, is characterized by an alternating succession of well-stratified and chaotically reflecting layers. In contrast, a small secondary basin shows an undisturbed sediment succession, while the separating sedimentary ridge is characterized by a condensed sediment succession. The secondary basin and the sedimentary ridge are both promising locations for ICDP-sites.

After the survey, further research, including a second expedition, was carried out at CAU Kiel, after the lake became target for ICDP drilling, and seismic data were published thereafter.

Cruise Facts

Duration: 02.06.04 - 13.06.04
Vessel: --
MTU Participants:
  Krastel, Gerriets, Demirel
Funding: DFG
Data sets:

  • GeoChirp I
  • MCS, Syntron 100 m, mini GI


Project Web Pages: Sebastian Krastel, Kiel University

ICDP Drilling Campaign Lake Van


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