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Software Tools

The working group runs a couple of software packages, some are commercial licenses were awarded to MTU for free. Others we purchased with an academic discount. Some software is used through a university licensing agreement. And we are trying to use as many open source packages as possible. We are also developing software since 30 years for specialized applications.

Seismic Processing

Vista Window Seismic Processing, version 2019


Seismic Interpretation

IHS Kingdom Suite, version 2019

Side Scan Sonar Processing


Multibeam Processing

mbsystem (open source)

Fledermaus, version 7.6

RADAR Data Processing


Geographic Information System


QGIS (open source)

Global Mapper v.10



Python (open source)

Custom Made Software (V. Spiess, H. Keil)

Multichannel Seismic Data Acquisition

MaMuCS - Marine Multichannel Acquisition System (H. Keil)

2D and 3D Geometry Processing

WinGeoApp (H. Keil)

Data Conversion

NavConvert (H.Keil)

PS32SEGY (H. Keil)

Digital Sediment Echosounder Data Acquisition

ParaDigMA - installed on RVs Meteor, Sonne, Polarstern (V. Spiess)

ParaStore (Atlas Hydrographics - H. Keil, A. Gerriets)

WinParaDigMA Clone for Sidescan Sonar Acquisition (A. Gerriets)

Digital Sediment Echosounder Processing/Interpretation

SE-Software Package (Echosounder, Seismic, Synthetics, Mapping, Multibeam Plot, Magnetics/Gravity) (V. Spiess)

SENT Software Package - Echosounder Processing and Interpretation (H. Keil)

Acquisition Software for Lab Instrumentation

Cryogenic Magnetometer - Acquisition and Processing (V. Spiess)

Ultrasonic Sound Transmission - Acquisition and Processing (V. Spiess)

Electrical Resistivity (V. Spiess)

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