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Research Vessels

Those are the vessels we had been using during our various research cruises and expeditions plus some unnamed platforms.

R/V Meteor

R/V Sonne

R/V Polarstern

R/V Maria S. Merian

R/V Alkor

R/V Heincke

VFWS Atair (III) (out of operation)

VFWS Atair (IV)


FK Littorina

FB Polarfuchs

FK Senckenberg

FS Poseidon (out of operation)

MS Schall

D/V Joides Resolution

Minerva Uno

Aqua Pannonia (Lake Balaton)

Yakov Smirnitsky

Marion du Fresne


Karl Eder (Traunsee)


Celtic Explorer

Celtic Voyager

Nawigator XXI


Kokilmoni (River Ganges)

Geo Focus

Lev Taifun

Urania (out of operation)

WaPo WS-61 (Lake Schwerin)

Moltur (Lake Issyk-Kul)

Vízvédelem (Lake Balaton)

Delta (River Rhone)

Tyra (Aarhus University, out of operation)

Kaykay (Concepcion, out of operation)


Sample Photos from our Research Cruises

Heincke        on North/Baltic Sea                 Karl Eder     on Traunsee               Kokilmoni   on Ganges                                ... on Rhone

... on Lake Ohrid                                           ... on Lake Van                                                    ATARI on North Sea                                                ... xxx ...

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