Welcome to the Research Group

Marine Technology / Environmental Research

Our research group was established in 1994 at the Department of Geosciences of the University of Bremen, contributing to research and education in geophysics.

The main focus is the application of different seismo- and hydroacoustic systems to image and analyze subseafloor structures, to understand sedimentation processes and to deduce sediment properties as well as physical processes acting on and in the seafloor. For this purpose we participate in research cruises to different regions of the worlds oceans and use a broad range of different mobile and shipbound acoustic systems with variable signal frequencies and variable signal reception technology.

Since our foundation we specialized on the application of high frequency (> 100 Hz) multichannel seismics and the usage of narrow beam subbottom profilers. Special expertise also exists on seismic measurements in shallow (3 - 30 m) water environment, not only offshore but also onshore on rivers and lakes.