AL581 Logbook

Preparations for the cruise had already started many months ago! GeoB has now approval for several Alkor students cruises in a row, so no new application for whiptime was required.

The cruise was included in the GeoB excursion program late 2021. In November, students from BSc and MSc programs could apply for partícipation, and a participants list was provided after selection in January 2022. 

A request for diplomatic clearance to work in Danish waters was submitted in June 2022, and approval for this reached us just last week.

In parallel, logistical planning had stated, which included insurance for instruments, borrowing or renting equipment and preparation of transport logistics.

12.09.2022 08:00

Transportation of all the equipment on a long truck started early on Monday, to ensure that equipment could be unleaded and installed soon after the scientific party arrived in Kiel. This time everything took a little longer so that the setup could not be finished by the evening, and rather another half day would be needed to finish.

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